I have a new review up – Mystical Realms by ZP Dala

I have a review up over MYSTICAL REALMS by ZP Dala that I did for Audio Book Reviewer. If you have a minute go check it out.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I grabbed this book for review. I’m a huge fantasy and always looking for new, good stories and authors. Before I started this story, I did a little research on the author Zainub E. Dala. Of course when I say research, I mean I typed her name into Google and discovered after one click that she has been nominated as one of the top authors of 2015 by The Sunday Times in South Africa. My curiosity sated, I dove in.

This novelette is book 1 of THE SECRET OF THE MYSTICAL REALMS TRILOGY. It Features a young woman of 18, Zahra, who has been forced into the life of a recluse by her father, Delphi, to protect her from the past. One night a member of the Yaadennii Dynasty paid a visit to their home, much to the disdain of Delphi. Upon overhearing some surprising news from the Yaadennii, Zahra demands to be told the truth by her father. Delphi proceeds the tell the tale of Magic, Life, Love, and sadly, death…full review posted at audiobookreview.com


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