Review of The Academy by Vincent Trigili

I previously reviewed THE ENEMY OF AN ENEMY, book 1 in the The Lost Tales of Power series for You can find that HERE.


The Academy by Vincent Trigili, Read by Jack De Golia

As a member of the Imperial Navy stationed on the Dragon Claw, James played a very important role in The  Great War.  Now that he has resigned,  all James has left of that time are the nightmares. With the opening of Grand Master Vydor’s school, the  Academy,  James decides to apply. Despite not liking the odds with several million applying every year  and only one thousand accepting,  he made the cut.  Shortly after arriving,  James was made a leader of his own team of Prospects — the lowest ranking at The Academy — which he took very seriously. Over the following seven years, his team ranked among the top of the class and broke many records. Upon discovering why the school teaches the way they do,  James was quickly promoted to Apprentice Wizard.  As part of the graduation from prospect to student,  all those moving forward are told what their mastery is.  James was a Spell Weaver,  the rarest of the magical focuses. Being the only other Spell Weaver other than Vydor,  he was the next in line to be Grand Master. As such,  he became a huge target for the rival and want to be conquerors,  the Sorcerers. Things escalate quickly for Shadow Weaver,  the name James  takes upon learning his power, and his friends. Patti, also known as Flame, a woman whom James has been in school with for 10 years invited him to visit her planet and meet her parents. It turns out Patti’s mother was under the influence of an evil creature, all to get Shadow Weaver. That’s when everything falls into place and the story really gets rolling. There’s  kidnapping, attacks on planets,  unlikely heroes,  and hooded and mysterious Magi who seem to know  more about the Spell Weaver than he knows about himself, and they seem to have put some major events into motion.

Jack De Golia took the helm as narrator for this story and he did a great job. Again,  I was pleased and impressed at his talent for voices, every single character is easily recognized. His reading of The Academy was more fluid than what  I remember from The Enemy of an Enemy, which was my only complaint about his previous performance. With such an improvement in just one book,  I will definitely be keeping my eye on Jack.

Overall,  I really liked this audio book. While I enjoyed the first book, this one is definitely an improvement in both writing and storytelling, and in the narration. I would also like to add that Mr. Trigili did a great job of mixing the magic of Fantasy and the interplanetary space travel of Sci-Fi together. It never seems out of place when someone is wielding wands in a star ship landing bay, or others are throwing fireballs down hallways. Give this a go, it’s very entertaining and the world being created by Vincent Trigili gets more and more intriguing.


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