Review: Safe Havens: Shadow Masters

Safe Havens: Shadow MastersSafe Havens: Shadow Masters by J.T. Patten


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Wow, did this book surprise me! I had no prior knowledge of the author or narrator and chose to review it on a whim, I just liked the title, it intrigued me. I didn’t even read the summary, just jumped down the slide head first, exhilarated by every twist, turn, and drop the ride had to offer.
Sean Havens was on an assignment in the Republic of Yemen when he got word from his wife, Christina, that their daughter had been raped and the rapist was threatening to kill her for going to the police. Sean was furious, and told wife he’d be home in a few days. After getting a shady passport from his employers, he ran into some trouble heading to the States, forcing him to make a detour through Dubai. Meanwhile, as Havens tries to figure how he is getting home, Christina and Maggie are attacked at their house killing Christina and putting Maggie in a coma. Upon arriving home, Sean is told by police the attacks on his family were gang related. Sean Havens wasn’t sure about that. Is it that simple, or is there something bigger there? He didn’t know, but what he did know what whoever was responsible will pay. The Havens are not a family to be targeted or toyed with.

When it first got started I was a little put off by the narration. It read much faster than I expected. I don’t know if it was Charles Kahlenberg reading quickly or if it was an editing issue, but it was there. It got much better after the first few chapters, though there were points the performance felt a little rushed. That being said, Mr. Kahlenberg’s voice and presence were great. His resonance in the book was ear catching and held my attention. Great narration, with sub par production quality due to the speed. It won’t keep me from trying Kahlenberg’s work again though, hopefully on the next Sean Havens thriller.

Let me tell you, it does not disappoint! This was a bit darker than I expected it would be and it was all the better for it. Charles’s voice lent perfectly to the almost brooding Sean Havens character. I tried to think of a comparison or reference a couple other characters out there that might come close to Sean Havens. The fact is, he’s his own entity, unique from other protagonists in the genre and very well done. A story full of deceit, conspiracy, revenge, and surprises around every corner, this is a story for all thriller fans, do not pass on Sean Havens. J.T. Patten is new on the seen and if the adrenaline pumping Shadow Masters is any indication, he’s going to be force in the genre.

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