Review: The Godling Chronicle : The Sword of Truth

The Godling Chronicle : The Sword of Truth
The Godling Chronicle : The Sword of Truth

by Brian D. Anderson

Read by Derek Perkins

Gewey has always been a God, only he didn’t know it. Found by Lee Starfinder, who is a half-god, when Gewey was only infant; He was raised as a man by a simple farmer. An ominous Enemy known as the Dark Knight has stolen the Sword of Truth, thus putting the world in danger and the young God is the key to victory. Though it’s a fairly unoriginal story, it’s engaging and the storytelling is very good. I really enjoyed the story and where it was going. It’s sort of a blend between Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth, and the Hercules mythos.

I’m a fan of Derek Perkins, the performer for this novel. I’ve enjoyed all the works I heard by him, his voice fits the genre very well. There’s never any echoes or background noise, and he very well spoken and easy to understand. Look very much forward to hearing more from the man.

It’s a shame book 2 isn’t included in Amazon Unlimited or their Whispersync service, if it were, I would go on to book 2. However, the ubrupt ending, or lack thereof, ruined what was a great book. I am an avid believer that every book should have a complete story and conclusion. This book left a brutal cliffhanger, leaving me with no satisfaction or closure whatsoever.

I will note, they now have an Omnibus edition on Audible that includes books 1-3 that may be of better value, and with less open ended frustration. If you are a fan of Fantasy, I say grab it if only for Perkins’ performance.

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