Review: Alive In A Dead World

Alive In A Dead WorldAlive In A Dead World by Mark Tufo

Read by Sean Runnette

4 of 5 stars

*I received a free copy of this audio book for review from*

Having listened to the previous Zombie Fallout books, I’ve grown to really enjoy this series. There is dark humor, witty dialogue, zombie action, mind controlling vampires, and a fair share of heart. This was pretty much the same.

Zombie Fallout 5 opens with Talbot & Co. looking for revenge. They plan to attack a caravan towing Eliza, Tommy, and a lot of zombies in hopes of crippling them enough to keep her off their backs. 3 survivors soon find themselves being taken in by a mother and her child, while another batch of the Talbot clan has difficulties of their own. It’s a race against time, and zombies, as Mike tries to find a lost friend and uncover a secret hanging over his head. Can Mike Talbot trust everyone in his group? Can he hold on to his sliver of sanity when he see the truth? I couldn’t tell you, the book ends with a brutal cliffhanger that is infuriating. Not only because the story doesn’t end, also because I want the rest of the story. Luckily, I already have the next installment available to me, otherwise it would have moved down on my list. I don’t typically mind cliffhangers in series, when they’re done well and the book tells a complete story. That’s not the case here. It’s just completely open ended, intriguing and exciting, but annoyingly unfinished.

Sean Runnette yet again takes the role of Mike Talbot. I haven’t listened to anything else Runnette has done, but his voice fits in perfectly with Tufo’s writing. There was no background noise, static, or mumbling. He’s a solid narrator and I couldn’t think of anyone else who could play these characters.

Mostly, I really enjoyed this story. There were a couple of long flashback scenes that kind of took you out of the story, but they were entertaining. If you like a zombie drama, you will probably like this book.


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