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Review: Zombie Fallout 6: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

Zombie Fallout 6: 'Til Death Do Us PartZombie Fallout 6: ‘Til Death Do Us Part by Mark Tufo

Read by Sean Runnette

4 of 5 stars

*I received a free copy of this audiobook from Audiobookreviwer.com

Zombie Fallout book 5 left us hanging on a brutal cliffhanger; Michael Talbot lying dead in the middle of the street. I assumed he wasn’t going to die, but I did not know what Mark Tufo had in store for the half-vamp. Anxious to finish what was an incomplete story in book 5, I put in my headphones and listened to Sean Runnette tell the next chapter of the Talbot Mythos.
Mike Talbot jumps to his feet and yells, “I’m back!” Then he quickly, or as quickly as a man who was just dead could, runs for cover. He was told a secret while he was dead—I’ll spare the details as it’s much more enjoyable to experience the beginning, rather than be told what happens— and now that he’s back, he will stop Eliza and show her followers the error of their ways. They should never have come after his loved ones. While BT, Gary, and Deneaux are making their way back to Maine in hopes of making a difference in the upcoming battle; Mike comes across a young woman held captive in the back of a Big Rig. Her name is Azile and she has goals very similar to Mike’s, she wants to kill Eliza. With a truck to drive, and his new friend in tow, he makes his way to his family.

Sean Runnette did a very good job, as usual. He just works for this author, his voice clicks with Mike & Co. The production quality was good and there was no background noise or echoing. This narrator always gives a good performance.

Overall a pretty good book, however, this series is on a downswing. Though I liked this one better than five, which didn’t have an ending, it was very slow. In my opinion, the plot was stale until about ¾ of the way through. Yes, that is when all the really good action starts, but it’s also when the whole group gets back together, and that is when Tufo is at his best. The banter and love between Mike and all his friends are what carries this series, when they are separated from one another I feel myself being pulled from the story. I’m hoping the whole gang stays together for the next installment.


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Review: Alive In A Dead World

Alive In A Dead WorldAlive In A Dead World by Mark Tufo

Read by Sean Runnette

4 of 5 stars

*I received a free copy of this audio book for review from Audiobookreview.com*

Having listened to the previous Zombie Fallout books, I’ve grown to really enjoy this series. There is dark humor, witty dialogue, zombie action, mind controlling vampires, and a fair share of heart. This was pretty much the same.

Zombie Fallout 5 opens with Talbot & Co. looking for revenge. They plan to attack a caravan towing Eliza, Tommy, and a lot of zombies in hopes of crippling them enough to keep her off their backs. 3 survivors soon find themselves being taken in by a mother and her child, while another batch of the Talbot clan has difficulties of their own. It’s a race against time, and zombies, as Mike tries to find a lost friend and uncover a secret hanging over his head. Can Mike Talbot trust everyone in his group? Can he hold on to his sliver of sanity when he see the truth? I couldn’t tell you, the book ends with a brutal cliffhanger that is infuriating. Not only because the story doesn’t end, also because I want the rest of the story. Luckily, I already have the next installment available to me, otherwise it would have moved down on my list. I don’t typically mind cliffhangers in series, when they’re done well and the book tells a complete story. That’s not the case here. It’s just completely open ended, intriguing and exciting, but annoyingly unfinished.

Sean Runnette yet again takes the role of Mike Talbot. I haven’t listened to anything else Runnette has done, but his voice fits in perfectly with Tufo’s writing. There was no background noise, static, or mumbling. He’s a solid narrator and I couldn’t think of anyone else who could play these characters.

Mostly, I really enjoyed this story. There were a couple of long flashback scenes that kind of took you out of the story, but they were entertaining. If you like a zombie drama, you will probably like this book.

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Review: The End Has Come and Gone

The End Has Come and Gone
The End Has Come and Gone by Mark Tufo

Orignally posted to Audiobookreviewer.com

I love what Mark Tufo has created with this series. During the fallout of the Zombie Apocalypse, caused by tainted H1N1 vaccinations, Mike Talbot and his family battle against humans, Vampires, and of course Zombies. Despite having made a mortal enemy of an ever powerful vampire named Eliza, Mike fights his way to his family. He makes it but his adopted son Tommy is abducted by Eliza, it turns out they are siblings. His best friend, Paul, and a few others split off to find their own families.

Mike, Justin, Travis, Tracy, and Gary decide to set out and find Tommy. Two days before they leave Mike’s older brother, Ron, shows him a shoe box with some thing his grandparents left them. Included in that shoe box is a mysterious locket with a picture of Eliza. Even though nothing happens when Ron holds, every time Mike touches the locket it feels ice cold and pricks his finger, drawing blood. Where did this locket come from and why did his grandparents have it?

Shortly after heading out from the Talbot household, the group come across a small group of children. After a debate and a heartfelt goodbye, Tracy decides to take the children back to Ron’s house. Along the way, Tracy runs into a some familiar faces and a couple close calls. Meanwhile, Paul and a group of survivors get trapped on the roof of a furniture store surrounded by zombies. Their only hope of rescue was Mike Talbot, who somehow got an odd message to Marta, one of Paul’s group.

Along the way, Team Talbot comes across three more survivors that join their ranks, later regrouping with some people close them. Now back to a full roster, save Tommy, Mike and the others make it the furniture store to learn that Tommy and Eliza are both there. Upon making it to the roof with his friends, Mike Talbot discovers there’s only one way to save everyone’s life. Can he make the sacrifice and save everyone, or was the price too high for even him?

This is by far my favorite ZF story so far. It’s full of twists and surprises, dark humor only friends can share, and a lot of heart. There was plenty of feeling in this story and the narrator made it even more engrossing. Sean Runnette IS Mike Talbot, period. He brings the dialogue to life in such a way that becomes the characters. His reading, mixed with Tufo’s dark yet hilarious interactions and inner monologues, makes you feel like your there with them, part of the family. I often found myself having to pause the book just so I can pay attention to work, or more accurately, stopping work until a climactic scene passes. (Please don’t tell my boss). Completely addictive and engrossing. I’m going back for more.

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